SAWERA Objectives

SAWERA has identified the following programme areas and their objectives for its long term existence and contribution to society;

Education as Long Term Investment

  1. To strategically improve the quality of life of communities of FATA through improving the literacy rate through inputs to improve quality and outreach of Education, especially for women.
  2. To enhance community capacities to agree to and get involved in literacy and educational activities

Livelihood and Income Generation

  1. To improve the outreach and exposure of women through supporting them in income generating activities
  2. To develop personal skills of human that build self-respect, self-reliance and self- confidence.

Health and Active Living

  1. To established community health centers for local communities and conducting free medical camps in the area.
  2. To educate disables specially females and established technical centers for them.
  3. To provide potable water for local people, Solid waste disposal, water supply, sanitation and mass awareness.

Mobilization for Peace and Development

  1. To create awareness amongst public through Social Mobilization and community level awareness rising programs and advocacy.
  2. To develop linkages with Govt: department, Line Department, Non-Govt: Organization and donors for the development purposes.

Disaster Risk Reduction

  1. To mobilized and motivate at high risk communities regarding hazard through strong mobilization and precautionary measurements.
  2. To create linkages with DDMA. PDMA and provide trainings on DRR to community and Govt: authorities.  


Working Area

SAWERA will work with women, men and children’s of each part of KP & FATA (Pakistan). While working with them, priority will be given towards most disadvantaged/marginalised groups of people i-e poor women, widows, people with disabilities and children. SAWERA also desire to support the vulnerable communities during disasters like war disaster, flood disasters and other emergency situation.