Society for Appraisal & Women Empowerment in Rural Areas

SAWERA is women leading NGO working in Federally Administrated Tribal Areas in particular and in KP in general. The inspiration behind the establishment of SAWERA is when some like-minded educated women of FATA to-gathered & think about the developmental interventions and feel that marginalized portion are repeatedly ignored by authorities.

Our Vision

"To develop a just society based on equality, indiscrimination, honor and dignity, peace & security for all and where individual are respected without status, tribe, ethnicity or religion".

Our Mission

"To help sustain grass roots institution and enable them to undertake their own development through effective institutional development and livelihood strategies"

Our Values

In realising its aim and objectives, SAWERA will strive for:

  • Mutual respect and understanding
  • Equitability and impartiality
  • Participation and transparency
  • Partnership and cooperation,
  • Sincerity and
  • Self-confession (self-criticism, self-evaluation)

SAWERA Objectives

SAWERA has identified the following programme areas and their objectives for its long term existence and contribution to society;

Education as Long Term Investment

  1. To strategically improve the quality of life of communities of FATA through improving the literacy rate through inputs to improve quality and outreach of Education, especially for women.
  2. To enhance community capacities to agree to and get involved in literacy and educational activities